The Societies' 2019 Monthly Image Competition

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2019 Monthly Image Competition Results

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opera soap villain of the year social comment societies societies monthly image competition societies monthly image competition 2019 solent solo somerset sorrow soulful south africa south bank southamerica southern hawker dragonfly spain sparkler send-off, sparkler exit, wedding day sparkler exit, wedding day sparkler send-off spectacle sphynx spider spinning spititual sport sport, motion, speed, power, gracem_photography, action, group, color spot colour spotlight spotlights spring spring, uk, yellow, boy, park, square squirrel sri-lanka st ouen&#039 stain glass window staircase stairs stalls standout stylists hairdresser starburst starling starlings starlings:murmuration. stars steam steaming steel steel wool stock gaylard oak fair stone circle stonehenge stones storm storm, glencoe, scotland, mountains, winter stormy stormy sky storytelling stranded strategy stree street street art street photography street photograpohy street signs street vendors street, london, night, lost 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tower track day tractor tradition traditional costumes traditional dress train training trams tranquil trave travel travel destinations travel, local, caucasus travel, road travelling treasure tree tree trunks trees tribal trumpet trumpet player tu tu tube tunnel tunnel, boy turkey tuscany tv drama twigs twins, portrait under the thames underground union chapel unspoilt urban usa uttra pradesh vanmiert veil venice venue veteran veterans veterans celebrations viaduct victorian vicuna viking, monochrome, event villas vincas vintage violin visitengland vista vivid colour voigtlander walking walkway wall war defences war zone warrior warriors wartime watching:photog. water water vapour waterfall waterscape wave waves wedding wedding couple wedding day wedding day, baby. wedding photography wedding rain, helpers wedding venue wedding, documentary, natural wedding, groom, best men wedding, margam, bride, groom weddingday weddingphotographer west midladns wells cathedral westbury wheelchair 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